Sunday, January 4, 2009

Singing the "Post-holiday" Blues

Finally, the holidays are over!! As the season unfolds and the decorations are all put away for next year, I find myself wondering "What next?". Many of us oftentimes feel this time of year progressively disappointed, sad and stressed.

Imagine for a moment that you have survived many of your cherished friends and family members, or that you have spent the holidays alone. Many Seniors have these feelings, especially during the holiday season. Not only have they survived many of their friends and family they have a deep sadness over the contrast between "then" and "now". The bittersweet memories of the past outshine the present day circumstances and they tend to feel unable to focus or experience pleasure in the "now". Many Seniors find themselves hitting that "reality" brick wall during the holiday season and find themselves feeling that their holiday expectations for the holiday fall, while their feelings of loneliness, sadness and despair plummet.

If your loved one seems a bit "down" and not focused, whether it is "post- holiday" or any other day during the year, there are ways to help. Try to help them realize the "New Year" brings promise. Share with them old photos, get together with old friends and family members they especially enjoy, create "special events" and new opportunities for them to look forward to.

I find that just spending quality time with my loved ones not only makes them feel better but it also makes me feel better.

Some of my most memorable times with my grandparents where the times that they spent telling me of "the good ol' days". I will cherish these memories and often reflect on these throughout the year. I challenge you this year to spend more time with your loved ones, it will make you both feel better, I promise!!

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